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About Busy Body Kids

From My Special Needs Family
To Yours!



Hey Family,

Meet my busy body... Mister CJ.

Cj is the inspiration behind this collection of "hugs" compression clothing for kids like him who have sensory processing disorders such as autism, anxiety disorders, auditory processing disorders, and ADHD.

CJ has a diagnosis of Dup15q syndrome along with overlapping Autism.

The compression clothing helps children who are hyposensitive and crave constant input who love jumping, bumping and crashing activities, as well as deep pressure such as what's provided by tight bear hugs and squeezes.

The Child Mind Institute and STAR Institute provide great explanations of sensory processing disorder.

Busy Body compression clothing is functional yet stylish. These one of a kind designs were created so children can wear them as under-wear or also as outer-wear.

So please enjoy your Busy Body Kids compression gear and do not hesitate to reach out to me with your questions and or comments. 

Talk soon,